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Friday, January 07, 2005

I Can See The Future

It's not uncommon for me to tune out for a couple minutes. My eyes literally lose their focus and my memory of those minutes evaporates. I'm literally "gone" for a moment.

Sometimes a month or two later, sometimes years, I will find myself in a situation that feels incredibly familiar. As though I had experienced it before. And then, incredibly detailed memories of having lived through the events about to unfold wash over me. The visions I had in the minutes lost years prior, are all of a sudden available. I can remember verbatim what people are about to say, what song is about to come on, that a cloud is about to pass overhead and momentarily soften the light in the room.

These vivid "memories" are so accurate that I can make decisions in the present based on them. I can steer a conversation away from where I knew it would go. I can prepare for a phone call I know I'm about to receive. I can go get my camera to capture a great composition that is about to emerge.

This is more than déjà vu.

Blogger miracle & madman thought:

very interesting. i've had several instances of this phenomenon myself. blessing or a curse... who is to tell?

January 10, 2005 at 3:47 PM - Comment Permalink  

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