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Monday, March 07, 2005

Nina Mouritzen

Red Smoke 2004 - Drown 2004

I'm happy to plug photographer Nina Mouritzen, who's been reading and got in touch lately.

After following the link in her brief, and clearly mass produced email, I was pleasantly surprised to find that her work hadn't found me randomly. We share similar aesthetics, similar appreciations for lighting, mystery; similar critiques of the fashion world.

Though the selection of work is limited in quantity, it's clear after gazing for only a moment that her work includes fashion, and in fact often is fashion photography, but always questions Fashion as well. These are images of the inner workings of the fashion system, and tend to be reassuringly self-aware. Aware too, of the power structures that shadow the often glossy world in which Nina works.

Though the look of the images, and indeed occasionally the figures themselves, tend to fall into the Nocito, Richardson, Yelland, Cappello camp, with their gritty New York youth-culture appeal. Most transcend this trope, allowing the viewer to appreciate the subtlety and nuance that is rarely offered by her male contemporaries. Recommended.

Image 1: Self Portrait, Red Smoke, 2004
Image 2: Self Portrait, Drown, 2004

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