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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Extinguish-Dish Lighter

Please view the full-scale image as well.

I hate constantly having resin and ash build up on my lighters after extinguishing bowls with the side of them. The heat from snuffing the bowl melts the plastic a little, so every little fleck of ash becomes permanently trapped on the surface of the lighter. It's filthy, let alone indiscreet.

Instead, I propose a disposable lighter that has a little metal dish embedded into the side of it. The dish would be a little over 3/4" in diameter, so that it would fit nicely around a standard bowl, and would be about 1/8" deep. The metal would help absorb heat, and would be easy to clean with a little Goo-Gone, and the dish would be deep enough to keep your hands and pockets untainted between cleanings.

It couldn't add more than a fraction of a penny to the cost of each lighter, right? The Brits have their Clippers, why can't we develop these?

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