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Monday, December 13, 2004

iBook DS

Why aren't there any dual-screen laptops available?

iBook DS

How much could an additional touch-screen LCD really cost? $500, max. That's not much to pay for all for the added benefit of a second display. I'd pay it.

Hardware wise, all you'd have to do is encase a touch-sensitive LCD under some sort of space-age, diamond-hard, crystal-clear acrylic. Something like the shit that space helmets and submersibles are made out of.

Software wise, Apple's set. OSX already has support for dual displays, with both side-to-side screen extension and screen mirroring, and for handwriting recognition via Inkwell.

When closed, the external display would show you your standard desktop and applications that were augmented to work well with a stylus. Upon opening the laptop, the desktop would slowly fade out on the external display and fade in on the standard internal display. As the external display faded from the standard desktop view, it would fade into one of many user-definable displays.

Some options include:

Having it run an Open GL screensaver.
Having it display a message to the folks across the library.
Having it change color to indicate that you have received new mail, or that your stocks are up (much like the brilliant Ambient Orb).
Viewing iTunes visualizations.
Playing games of Battleship.

The options are limitless. And, that's not to even mention the benefits of a well designed tablet.

I hate wanting what isn't available yet.

Anonymous Anonymous thought:

looking back at this ds post...... did you buy your iPad yet!? they finally caught up with you!

May 26, 2011 at 2:36 AM - Comment Permalink  

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