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Friday, December 31, 2004

My New Year's

Like most everyone I know, my New Year's plans completely failed to materialize this year. Between everyone being scattered about the US, and drug connections falling through, I don't know anyone with a decent gameplan. Tonight will most likely fail to develop into anything more than a couple pints.

Of course, I should have expected this.

As everyone knows, New Year's Eve in New York always sucks. All of the parties thrown by promoters will cost you $150 (minimum) by the end of the night, so you just end up going to a couple of your favorite bars with your closest friends.

Which is exactly what you'd do if it were any other Friday night, except that tonight you have to fight your way through the tide of plastered bankers and their Hoboken brides. That, and everything you try to do costs twice as much.

What's even sadder is that it's been a year since last New Year's, which I spent on a friend's farm in West Virginia:


Exactly one year ago I had just finished helping to erect a 20 ft. tall bonfire (built around an incredibly dry bale of hay that we pulled out of the barn):


At midnight we lit it:


Maybe that was enough fun for two years. Almost heaven.

Blogger J thought:

i like to light things on fire too!

December 31, 2004 at 5:29 PM - Comment Permalink  

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