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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Rhodesians and Redbones


As soon as we move out of the city I'm getting a dog (it's just not right to have one until we have a yard). It'll be either a Rhodesian Ridgeback (A lion-hunting dog with a mohawk!) or a Redbone Coonhound (Dirty South!). That, or some mutt with superior genetic diversity and a superior personality. As for anything smaller, well, I don't really consider them dogs at all.

Blogger hipp-o thought:

im seriously thinking about a mongrel too (for the future), i sure hope mine looks like a dingo (a "wild" dog of australia, but really its just a domesticated dog the aborigines brought with them from asia and then let out to pasture). it takes 8-generations for pure-breeding to occur, so i want a mongrel descended from at least 8-generations of fellow mongrels so that i can call it by the misnomer of "pure-bred mongrel," free of any "real" pure-bred heritage (or as i'd call it, "poodle free"). supposedly there was a sub-species of dog in america before columbus got here (same Eurasian lineage as all dogs, but a little different). too bad its extinct - i would have liked one of those.

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