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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Bushwick BYKLN

Anti and Jamie journeyed from their corner of Bushwick to ours last night. To exchange some trees, discuss clichéd blogger topics (comments, megapixels, syndication), and generally just enjoy all the information that you get from a breathing (smoking) human being that you don't get from any of our blogs.

I had fun, though I'll admit it's peculiar to meet internet people in real life. Jamie and Anti are probably a lot more comfortable with it than I am (being a relative newcomer to the genre). Though, I'm sure they both must agree that it maintains a certain strangeness forever. There is just something a little disconcerting about suddenly having your mental picture of someone (assembled over months from their own words) readjusted a hundred times a second.

Overall, it's a feeling that's totally worth it, and one that I'm still happily interrogating. It was really nice to meet two people that were able converse about a wide range of ideas, live in the moment, and just fucking chill (pulling tubes didn't hurt either).

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