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Monday, February 07, 2005


Loft Window

After opting to adjourn early last night, I was minty and tucked into bed by 10:00. Unable to fall asleep immediately (I hadn't passed out as usual), I laid awake as the perceived silence slowly morphed into a discordant static.

I could hear:

The dull bassline from an unidentifiable breaks track.
Dogs barking.
The introductory theme to Run Lola Run.
Distant and moving cop cars.
The faint squeal of the train slowing at Halsey.
A Lincoln Town Car laying on it's horn, desperate for a sign of its expected passenger.
The compressor in our fridge.
My 7 year old PC running up our Con Ed bill.
A neighbor's doorbell.
The subsequent conversation over the intercom.
The final buzzing of the door as it was remotely unlocked.
A man yelling into his Nextel at his girlfriend, as he walked below our window.
Heather's quiet wheezing.
The freight elevator rising to the second floor.
Water running into our hot water heater from above.
The shuffled footsteps of our neighbors upstairs.
Our cats crunching down dry pellets.
Videogame gunfire.

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