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Monday, February 14, 2005



For the last 4 years, lengths of the L Train have been shut down periodically so that the MTA can make repairs and additions to the system (we hear that they are computerizing the line). I'm particularly aware of the construction now that I live past Myrtle Avenue. Nearly every weekend for the last six months, the train has run only to Myrtle, leaving all of us that live on one of the 10 stops (out of 25) past Myrtle to ride shuttle buses the rest of the way.

All of this downtime is annoying but not altogether horrible (I try to stay in Brooklyn on the weekends anyway), but it impacts my life every week, and is not something that I avoid thinking about for long. Which I was the other day; about who it fucks, and who might actually benefit from all the periods of empty tunnels, when it hit me.

Do graffiti writers live for the L Service Advisory? Do they take advantage of the relative safety of the quiet tracks? Have these years of hipster and working-class frustration resulted in more paint?

It would satisfy my sense of justice, so I hope so.

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