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Monday, February 14, 2005

We Are Here

Celestial Map

A couple of years ago Heather's mom, Beth was reading National Geographic, and was so inspired by their representation of The Milky Way, that she ordered one of their deluxe, laminated maps. It sat in her garage, sealed within it's original tube, for a while after that, free of a home within the house.

When Beth heard that I would finally have a studio in our new apartment, she sent the map along with softer housewarming gifts, knowing where it was meant to live.

I of course love it and have it hanging next to my desk, happiest when generosity comes covered in stars. What I perhaps love most is that instead of the mall-standard You Are Here, the designers were thoughtful enough to realize that the map wasn't leaving the hands of humanity for quite some time, and consequently it was safe to go with the much grander We Are Here.

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