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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How to Disappear


This October the Museum of Modern Art will present SAFE: Design Takes On Risk, an exhibition of design objects and prototypes designed to:

1. Respond to situations of emergency
2. Protect the body and the mind from dangerous or stressful situations
3. Provide a sense of comfort and safety.

Included in the exhibition is the How To Disappear Kit a collection of disappearance articles: tips, gadgets and instructions designed to aid the user in becoming invisible. The kit is packaged in an anonymous video cassette case and will be available to the public via vending machine. Described by the creators, 6 students at Danmarks Designskole, as a reaction to the surveillance society that has grown around us in recent years, the kit is as much about empowering the user to be more visible, to openly defend their privacy, as it is about the common desire to disappear.

Image by Sverre Stølen

Via Near Near Future and Guerrilla Innovation

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