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Friday, March 04, 2005

A Periodic Glimpse

Though it changes with the season, I generally only see the sun for about 10 minutes each day. I mean, I see it when I wake up, and on the way to the train. If I'm lucky and bail from work early, on the way home. But when I'm at work, I only see its shadows, rarely its face.

Except for that 10 minutes. A period that started nearly 7 ago, when its strength pierced the shade cloth draping our southern exposure. For now, it's blinding. But that will fade, as I lean farther and farther back in my chair, tempting gravity, trying to keep its fire in view.

The rest of the day I try to offset the fluorescent horror with the overpriced European incandescent that's bolted to my desk, favoring orange Highliters and Post-its, to offer some additional glow.

The sun's now gone, shining on other modular workspaces. Hopefully this clear day will birth a sunset worth photographing, and the sun has not yet taken a bow.

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