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Saturday, April 30, 2005



I'm fascinated by the fact that so may people on Flickr have opted to tag their dusty pix with the words orb and orbs. Some of them do it jokingly (a way of shrugging off the poor quality of the image). While others clearly believe that they have been lucky enough to witness and photograph the paranormal (a Google search reveals many more). Either way, the resulting images are always more interesting as a result of these spherical flaws.

Also, be sure to click through the credits below, the uncropped originals (and the accompanying comments, notes and descriptions) are so worth the time.

Orbs 2

Image 1: Prada Mama
Image 2: astrangegirl
Image 3: GLiTcH-ViXeN
Image 4: JadoreRadiohead
Image 5: ghettodiva
Image 6: b3h0ld3r
Image 7: Mystic Dream
Image 8: z_ionlee
Image 9: Jeremy Dennis

Image 10: Prada Mama
Image 11: b3h0ld3r

Blogger Mick thought:

I posted to "orbs" before I saw this posting. One of these cameras has a colony of mold/bacteria growing inside it!

May 1, 2005 at 11:25 AM - Comment Permalink  

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