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Friday, May 27, 2005


Health Insurance

As usual, Sarah and I have been reading the same kids and asking the same questions.

What does it say about the state of creative youth (let alone the state of U.S. healthcare), that we need to barter street cred to transnational corporations for checkups and antibiotics?

Blogger hipp-o thought:

call me crazy, but i think tylenol might be advertising to this community in hopes that they buy large quantities of their acetaminophen to perform suicide with.

seriously, right? kill two birds with one stone.

first, make a decent amount of money when the youth you are targeting buy 2-300 of your pills to try to kill themselves. its especially effective marketing when the kids who dont win the prize realize that not only have they lost the contest, but now they have no health insurance - basically rubbing it in that these kids live in a society with no social protection, support for the arts, or healthcare.

the capitalists in the room might now be jumping up and down saying, "why would any self respecting company try to kill their customers? it reduces future earning potential!"

hah! i say, i havent made my second point ----

----getting a few of these "liberal artist brat commies" who may one day vote democratic, or god forbid protest for health rights, to kill themselves only goes to further the strength of the already disgustingly stong drug lobby. destroy the opposition and make a buck! BRILLIANT!

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