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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Eldert Trading

Eldert Trading - Small
Please view the full image as well.

The entry to 345 Eldert is caged in steel mesh--they never took it out when the factory shut down. So as you go down the last few steps to leave, you have to pass by the top of the cage, a large flat surface at arm's level. The cast of objects that sits there changes by the hour. It's an anonymous communal swap meet, our own little Sal-val. Whenever Heather and I want to toss something that we no longer need, but feel guilty because it still has value, we walk it right out to the cage.

I picked up this photograph there just now. Dating from August 2002, it's pitted--clearly brought in from the street. The full image at full-scale, is trippy as shit.

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