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Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Test

Today I could sense, more clearly than ever, that my reality is my creation--a simulation--my myth. That I tend to see what I expect to see, trusting in ingrained logic and fundamental laws.

I think it turns out that nothing is true, everything is permitted. That with practice and faith, all manners of magic can be bent out of this existence. That sometimes rare things can happen because we choose to see them happen.

Just before running out of the house, I polished off a few remaining newsfeeds. The last was The Known Universe, of which I am a regular. I pulled on my iPod and as I walked Halsey, made a concerted effort to divine the energy I haven't found lately.

Ten minutes later, Jamie stepped onto my train--into the next car, ten feet away. Our paths parted and he posted this:

This Is a Test

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