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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Treehouse Bushwick

After a long hiatus from my Site Meter in search of nobility, I'm returning from lean months with only a faint sense of the hundred-some that arrive here each day. Over the Fourth, sifting through search terms, I learned there's a new treehouse in Bushwick.

Call for Collaborators: Art/Research Project -- Wed May 31 -- (Williamsburg)

Art/Research Project Working Group We'd like to invite all systems-minded, analytically-inclined and statistics-obsessed readers who are fascinated by humans and the human experience to a meeting on Tuesday, June 13th. We're organizing a night of participatory processing, data-collection, aggregation and interpretation to take place in August at The Treehouse in Bushwick, and we're putting together a working group to help us. If you believe in paying attention, to people and patterns, and if you know that it's easier to pay attention when you break a problem into parts, we want to talk to you. The working group will meet periodically in June and July (scheduling is flexible) to design surveys, discuss methodologies and make projections. On the night of the project's launch, as it tests the hypotheses of the previous months, the group will act as a sort of collective self-reflection engine for the subjects/attendees. Interested? Send us an email and tell us why. Include a brief paragraph about your background and interest in this project – you don’t need to be a professional researcher, but we are looking for people with serious intent and relevant skills. Compensation: unpaid

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