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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Universal Visualizers

Where's the love? Where are the Universal Binaries of iTunes visualizers? Why do I have this flat-panel with it's millions of pixels--millions of colors--hooked up to my mini with it's thousands of records--only to sit static on a cover once it's playing? Sure Cover Flow browsing's immersive, arguably even enchanting, but what happens once you've chosen, once you're pumping bass? Nothing, not until you're ready to flip to your next cut.

There's another opportunity here, when you're actually listening to the music, for the visual. I'd go GasLight if I could (it's beauty led me to Jon after all), but alas. Of all the potential things to break in the transition to Intel, we lost our eye candy. Initially, fair enough--blame it on AltiVec--but enough time's passed. Why have the developers been delayed? What with, Core Animation, Quartz Composer and kin? Where are the updates to old standbys, or perhaps more importantly, where's some new shit?

The HDTV (or similar) is where the next ten years of interface advancement will be hashed out. Big screens filling our field of vision at eye level--so many square inches, just begging to play. How are we to move towards the next generation of music interfaces if we can't yet display on current hardware, what even a humble PlayStation could?

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