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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cover Flow Status

Timeliness isn't an ability of mine right now. So I let some news items pile up.

Fullscreen Cover Flow in iTunes

March 5th, Apple released iTunes 7.1. It now features a full screen Cover Flow mode. This is something that has been available in CoverFlow RC1.2 all along. Something I've been predicting for a while. Something that's weird in some ways. But ultimately, wonderful to see in people's hands.

Cover Flow Status - HTPC

Something the HTPC people just straight up needed.

Cover Flow Status - Arcade Jukebox

Something even goofy HTPC people needed.

Cover Flow Status - Video Flow - Small

Capspex's put together a Cover Flow interface that browses the most viewed videos on YouTube using ActionScript and Flash.

Cover Flow Status - WebsiteFlowParts

Netapeta's made a couple of web applets that generate images in the Cover Flow style. WebsiteFlowParts allows you to skew'n'reflect one image at a time, so you have the parts to build-your-own. WebsiteFlow allows you to do the same, except using URLs as the source instead of images.

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