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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Small Thoughts on My iPhone

Being a person that sees what's been done wrong much more readily than what's been done right, the following leans away from my true sentiment. I lurv the fucking thing.

What's good about the software:

Cover Flow is as close to the dream as we've seen, far-and-away better than Cover Flow on a computer.
It really does feel like it's from the future (my MacBookPro feels antiquated now).
Can be unplugged without ejecting, thank god.
The lock sound is even more satisfying than emptying the trash.
Google Maps.
The AT&T is well kerned.

What's good about the hardware:

Tiny ring around lens is machined with concentric circles.
Fit-and-finish is tight, reveals are near-invisible.
External volume buttons, finally.
Screen quality is superb.
It's solid, when dropped it bounces stably and survives relatively unmarred.
Light, runs cool, slips into tight jeans.

What's bad about the software:

Inconsistent use of round screen corners app-to-app.
No native remote control functionality of iTunes, Cover Flow-based or otherwise.
No native remote control functionality of iPhoto.
No native remote control functionality of Keynote.
No native remote control functionality of DVD Player.
No native remote control functionality of Quicktime.
No native remote control functionality of Front Row.
No "click to open in new page (tab)" when using Safari (workaround).
Cannot set web images or images in an email as your wallpaper.
Cannot save web images or emailed images.
Cannot save web images or emailed images to Photos.
No contacts icon on the home screen.
No integrated/aggregated message inbox.
No way to search your contacts in Phone, even though you can search your contacts in SMS and Maps.
Cannot display incoming caller information on the host computer's screen via Bluetooth.
No proximity based-scriptability via Bluetooth (workaround).
No precaution taken to avoid "open" wireless networks that just forward you to a payment/login page.
When the system is choosing between EDGE and WIFI, it always chooses WIFI even if the EDGE is actually faster.
No voice calling or any other use of voice recognition.
No audio recording functionality.
No video recording functionality.
No podcasting functionality.
No zoom in Camera.
No filesystem, even for photos (cannot upload pix to Flickr or otherwise blog them).
Cannot share the iPhone's music library via Bonjour on your local network.
Cannot listen to music libraries shared via Bonjour on your local network.
Cannot share the iPhone's photo library via Bonjour on your local network.
Cannot browse photo libraries shared via Bonjour on your local network.
It is far too easy to accidentally call someone.
Dictionary does not contain word-shortenings common to IM and SMS.
Cannot set a "home zipcode" or "home city" in Maps.
Rich emails must load completely before they are marked as read.
Cannot "mark all as read" in Mail.
No "delete all" option anywhere in the system.
SMS and email messages shouldn't error out, they should queue up and wait for signal sufficient to resend (can't write multiple texts on the subway).
No vibration used for tactile feedback when typing.
Cannot save/export SMS messages to host computer.
Cannot save/export notes to host computer.
Cannot save/export voicemails to host computer.
Cannot remove icons from home screen (kids don't give a fuck about stocks).
Cannot rearrange order of cities in Weather.
Weather does not allow the user to select Brooklyn, it instead defaults to New York City.
Weather icon should be updated live just as the calendar icon is.
Cannot set a default alarm sound for Timer.
Cannot use the iPhone as an EDGE modem via Bluetooth.
Cannot use the iPhone as a WIFI card over USB with a host computer that lacks WIFI.
Cannot see other iPhones on your local network via Bonjour
Cannot transfer contacts (vCards) from iPhone to iPhone.
Cannot configure notifications (unique sound/vibration combinations) per individual event.

What's bad about the hardware:

Edge between the aluminum and black portions of the back casing does not line up with the bottom edge of the screen on the front casing.
After removal from a pocket, the phone is hard to orient when viewed from the front, as it is visually symmetrical along both axes.
Holding a significant portion of your hand over the black plastic "antenna portion" of the back housing immediately degrades signal strength.
When booting, the Apple logo is not centered on the screen.


No landscape keyboard in all apps.
No 3G.
No text iChat.
No audio iChat.
No disk mode.
No Microsoft Exchange support.
Hardware impediment to third-party headphones.
Not one LED to indicate status.
Battery not user-swappable.
No ability to browse/purchase from the iTunes store over the air.

Third-party Apps Needed Upon Release of Hack or SDK:

Salling Clicker
Flickr (uploading and native viewing (fullscreen with zoom) of web-hosted libraries).
Voice Candy
Ambient Orb
Delicious Library

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